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That year, the gymnast also Raimsan two silver medals in the floor exercise and all-around. She got gold medals in the team and floor competitions, and got a bronze medal for how she competed on the balance beam. In some of the photos it is her body and her Aly Raisman Hot butt that gets you, in others it is her grace and her poise, and her dignity, yet in others she just looks like a very beautiful young woman. So graceful, so classy, and yes, also kind of hot. But what does she do when she is not competing. Aly Raisman Hot Biles might have been the standout at the Rio Games, but Raisman was the true heart and soul of the team. And if Stolen Nude did, what was it that I actually saw?.

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Here she is wowing the crowd at trials. She also participated in the National Championships and placed third overall. Check it out, I dare you. At the Olympics, she kicked some butt all over the place.

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For her, gymnastics is just a job; it's a way of life, telling ESPN, "I'm always eating healthy, always going to bed early. She's a full-figured woman, with curves and all. And Aly does not just win in the Olympics. There is no such thing as a perfect body type.

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At the Olympics, she kicked some butt all over the place. At the London Olympics, the U. It all sort of fell in line, but that does not mean it did not involve a lot of hard work, to go along with a lot of natural talent.

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Aly is a five-time medalist in the all-around at the national championships. That said, she definitely upped her game with this outfit, which she recently wore to the Golden Globes. So graceful, so classy, and yes, also kind of hot. Not only does she have six-pack abs, but she also looks like she could crack a walnut between her thighs. She is natural, focused, athletic, driven, and totally herself. She won gold medals for her American team at the World Championships in and The butt you are looking at in the above photo is total muscle, and is honed from years of hard work. I mean for every Aly Raisman, showing off her gorgeous yet athletic frame, there is a photo of some random dude like rugby player Todd Clever, naked and running through the waves with a ball under his arm. That year, Aly and other fighters of the sexual abuse dishonor were awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

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Look, there are a million places you can read about Raisman's epic floor routine during last night's team finals. It was such an empowering feeling to be so confident and happy with the way I looked. You may not have noticed it, what with all the athletic escapades surrounding her, but let's face it, Aly is kind of a smoke-show.

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Actually I take that back, my grandma was totally cool, but still when I think of grandmothers, Aly Raisman is not the first thing that normally comes to mind. In , she took part at the National Championship and placed third in the all-around. Aly Raisman Stretches Aly stretches it out before practice. Because that honestly did not seem real, and if it was real, is it okay that I got turned on by it a little?

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